Gather and Pleat

Elastic Thread is AMAZING!

I'd spotted some shirred fabric at the store the other week, but the price was a bit off-putting. Internets to the rescue! A little googling and after reading through some tutorials (link here), I was up for the challenge of trying to do my own shirred dress.

The fabric is an old bed sheet. What I really love about it is that the border of roses looks completely intentional and not like, well, a bed sheet. I was initially nervous about the elastic thread jamming up, but the stuff works like a dream. The only thing I learned with the test piece I did was that you REALLY have to mark your lines well, otherwise it's a pain.

So now I am hooked. I think it'll be an easy way to churn out a Summer wardrobe on the cheap.


It's Not Easy, Being Green

I based this on the flower garland I made a few weeks back. The only thing I did different was to sew beads on a few of the petals. Sort of tough to see in the photos, but they're there if you squint!



Warm weather food: whole wheat spaghetti, tomato, onion, parsley, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper, served cold. So good. So good in fact, I ate too much.


Better Late Than Never

It's finished! I started this cardigan in February and it's now, what, June? But since it's a cotton blend and I seem to be always cold, it's all good. To recap, the pattern I used is this vintage one (link here). For adjustments I reduced the back width by 10 stitches and subtracted five stitches from both the front left and front right. I also made the arm width slightly smaller, but should have made the armholes about a half inch lower/longer. All in all though, it's a fun knit. I like the button band facing and the ribbed yoke gives a nice shape.

Strawberries at the beginning of June. While I love them, it just seems way, way too early for this sort of thing. However, I have to admit I am enjoying them on top of cereal. Fingers crossed it's a bumper crop and I can get enough for muffins or scones or something slightly substantial.