Mushrooms In Your Hair

Awhile ago I was browsing D. Bl├╝mchen & Company's website and stumbled across the miniature mushrooms they had in stock. Um, hello awesomeness.

I've been thinking about what to do with them for awhile and finally decided on a headband. The base is crocheted with black thread I found at a yard sale and the rosette is a yoyo made from scrap black lining fabric I had on hand. Some glue, and voila, the finished product.


Orange & Black

Only about two weeks 'till Halloween! I haven't even thought out a costume yet. This is going to be an 11th hour project apparently.

But, I am getting the house looking seasonal. I made bunting last week and it's quick to put together. The mini pennants are printed out on an inkjet printer, cut, then the tops glued and folded over onto black cotton thread. If you'd like to make some yourself, I uploaded the file to Scribd.com, so feel free to download here.


Spin a Yarn

I would have shown these sooner, but I ripped out/re-knit the heel more times than I'm going to admit.

The pattern is from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits, Bettie's Lace Stockings. It's a fun pattern; I was worried it was going to be beyond what I could hack, but it's not that terribly frightening. After a couple rounds the pattern is easy to memorize and goes fairly quickly.

I took the socks along with me to knitting group last night. I was kind of concerned amidst discussions of pythons, banned books and mittens I was going to loose my train of thought, but thank goodness for small wonders, there's no glaring crazed inadvertent yarn-overs.


See The USA

What to do with a three day weekend? Roadtrip!

I took a drive with my parents up to Camden, Maine this weekend. Eating donuts and knitting socks during the drive up (but not both at the same time) is the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

During a stop at the state park in Camden we took some time to meander down the paths that lead to the ocean. The restorative power of a little greenery is astounding and I took some time to snap a few photos and then just sit on the rocks and stare out at the sea. And that little mushroom above? I want to adopt it, seriously.

Driving through Rockland I was completely won over by all the coffeeshops and stores. By late afternoon the wind had kicked up and it was getting a bit chilly, so we popped into the Black Bull Tavern for some sustenance. And I think I had the best raspberry pie in existence. Just maybe.

All in all, the perfect way to spend a long weekend. And maybe, with tomorrow being the holiday, I can get some photos of the above mentioned socks!


One Step


It's the first word that's the hardest, right?

I blog, I craft, but I've rarely combined both. This is a place to rectify that situation, with equal parts abandon and anonymity. I wanted a place to wax poetic about all manner of crafty things, just for fun. And this might be the spot I think.

So I:
Knit, sew, crochet badly, bake sometimes, embroider and probably several other things I'm forgetting. Chalk that up to the fact that it's 5 PM Friday.

I love:
Rummage sales, magazines, black and white movies, scratchy records and I-Tunes equally, bookstores, tea, and saturated hues, to name a few things.

I am:
A graphic designer (with a recent shift to the title of "freelancer") and colors and fonts make me happy. Very.

So nice to meet you.