The Shape of Things

I was cutting out some triangles for bunting yesterday and stopped to play with the shapes a bit. I'm usually so focused on the end "result" of a project I forget to enjoy the process. So, consider this process enjoyment.


Life Goes On

Things I've been loving

Homemade Yoghurt: I tried JCasa's homemade yoghurt recipe. I love it. No, correction, I LOVE IT. I was nervous with the first batch. In this hyper-pristine world, anything that includes leaving a dairy product out for hours is enough to strike terror into this 21st century girl's heart. But guess what? Not only will it not kill you, it is delicious, economical and being made weekly in this here household. I've tried it with a few different toppings. So far I'm really enjoying honey and berries.

Early Morning Walks:
Clear my head. Get me going. Involves lots of bug swatting, but it's amazing what some fresh air does for your disposition before jumping into a busy work day.

New Sewing Projects:
While I don't have the guts to try out the Challenge of the Utmost Kind (yet), I am trying to work hard to incorporate handmade into my wardrobe more. Right now I'm working on a top that is part knitting/part sewing. It's taken a bit to get the two to mesh, but it's finally starting to come together. This is unlike the cardigan that didn't fit (due to me casting on too few stitches for the left front) AND THAT HAD TO BE FROGGED. That, is another story.


Take Heart

I like dandelions. I'm sure the neighbors don't, but I do.