Begone Bad Hair Day

I love headbands. I especially love headbands on days when my hair has a life of its own (which has been almost every day lately).

The headband is a long fabric strip sewed up in a tube. I had some leftovers from the duvet covers I made last year (an Anna Maria Horner print), so score one for thrifty recycling! I added some stitching and beads to finish everything up.



The cupcakes were for the weekend, but the sugar rush could last a lifetime.

The specs? The cupcake recipe was from the side of the flour box and the icing courtesy of The Gentle Art of Domesticity. There was also a package of Dots, a roll of Necco wafers and sprinkles galore involved.

And the last one was finished tonight. Mmmm.


Roaming the Woods

The other night there were coyotes in the wooded lot across the street. After having poked around there the next morning I can see why they'd chosen that spot. It really is a picturesque piece of land.



The color stars aligned and somehow everything (including the soda) was some shade of pink.


Everything in Moderation

I started a cardigan last week. The yarn is from a sweater I bought at Goodwill for $2.50, then unraveled. The yarn is a delightful raspberry color and I love the feel, but I can't get gauge at all. Since the pattern calls for a myriad of double yarn overs and strange twists, the headache of that added to the stretch of the yarn was making me peevish. I grit my teeth and frogged it all (but not before taking a photo).
And then I ate this. It made everything a little better.


A Rose By Any Other Name

Because there's nothing real in bloom right now, I'm making paper flowers instead. In college I used to help make corsages for a student organization fundraiser. I remember making boutonnieres in the dorm television lounge, trying hard not to impale myself with rose thorns and florist wire. Paper is so much nicer on the hands.
The leaves are pages I from an old paperback of quotes. There's some lovelorn lines from Romeo and Juliet in there.


It Must Be Love

Valentine's candies are making my heart beat faster. So is Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile face cleanser. And reading in bed with a hot water bottle at my feet is blissful, (although the curlers in my hair probably detract from the overall picture).



Since I spent Saturday balancing my checkbook, I figured I deserved knitting on Sunday.

The second I spotted the "Shroom" hat in the Winter Knitty I was a goner. I ended up using some worsted weight wool I had on hand, two strands held together. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked in a pinch and I really love the pattern, so I might splurge at some point for the recommended yarn.