Break Thru

Early morning walks are doing a lot to help me keep my sanity in the midst of a crazy work schedule lately. Embroidery, glasses of wine and stacks of books are helping also.

I'm not one to mess with photos much, but I found a polaroid tutorial online. And the rest is history, you know?



There is a bumper crop of blackberries outside. Unbelievable. There's always been a few stray berries here and there, but never this many. I'm torn whether to a) bake or b) consume immediately. Decisions!

And then there's the vintage knitting pattern book I bought last week. It's Bernat, The School and College Look. Very chic. I would have liked to have gone to a school this stylish. I have a soft spot for the hoodies too.



I've been slacking at blogging.


And crafting.

Sorry. But that's what Summer is for, right? A little bit of sliding and easing of rules. It's about staying up too late watching Gregory Peck movies. And spending time with visiting family. And messy ice cream cones. Messy ice cream cones is a definite.

Back on track though -- Whipup has had some great posts lately about wardrobe refashioning. Armed with two worn out t-shirts, I was going to try this rosette number (link), but it didn't quite work. Instead I decided to kind of use this Brassy Apple tutorial as a starting point and ruffled my way to a new shirt.

Take that 100 degree temperatures!

And I snagged the most awesome of vintage knitting books for the grand total of $1.50 yesterday. I'll scan a few photos from it because it is really delightful.


Everything in Its Place

I finished this needlebook for my sister last week; whoops, sorry sis this won't be much of a surprise if you're reading. I was really craving working on something small and fiddly and this did the trick.
There's scrap cardboard in there to stiffen. The inside and exterior are felt that I had on hand. I'm thinking of making one of these for myself. They seem really handy.
And there are wildflowers growing up through the porch; that's a couple feet high! I love summer. Everything overrun and exuberant. What's not to like about that?