Again, nothing real fancy, but it does the trick when it comes to staying cozy. I made this scarf over Christmas, while curled up on the couch with the flu. Size 13 needles, Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn, cast on maybe 10 stitches and just knit. It's mindless, yet satisfying. It's also deliciously warm and feels a bit like wearing a blanket around your neck.


Striped Stripes

I have no good excuse for not blogging other than between work, life and occasionally needing to sleep, it just went by the wayside. But it's winter and pleasantly still and I just finished a pair of socks. So away we go again! The yarn I used for these is nothing fancy -- sock yarn from Joann's, (here) but I like how they knit up and they're nice and toasty. THAT comes in real handy with twenty million feet of snow on the ground.